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Principal Investigator


Evangelos Markakis


Assist Professor Evangelos Markakis was born in Heraklion, Crete in 1980. He holds a PhD in P2P Constellations in Broadband Networks from the department of Information & Communication Systems Engineering of the University of the Aegean in 2014. He has actively participated in no less than 20 EU FP5/FP6/FP7/Horizon2020 funded projects (IST/ICT/Health/ Security) and over 20 Greek funded research and Development projects.  His current research projects are H2020-FORTIKA (GA740690), H2020 – SMILE (GA740931) and H2020-SPHINX. Evangelos is the Dissemination Manager for the H2020 FORTIKA and in the past he has worked as the Technical Manager for the HORIZON 2020 DRS-19-2014 “EMYNOS”. He has more than 60 publications in international journals, conference, and workshop proceedings, in the above areas. He is the Chairman of the Pan-European Emergency Application Consortium paving the way for supporting Emergency Communication Application in all European Member States. He is a Senior Member in EENA a Member of IEEE and IEEE ComSoc, editor of the IET Book on “Cloud and Fog Computing in 5G Mobile Networks: Emerging Advances and Applications” and the Demonstrators Co-Chair for the IEEE SDN-NFV Conference.

Research Associates

Dimitra Papatsaroucha

Research Associate, M.Sc.

Xenofon Vourakis

research associate

Ioannis Kefaloukos

research associate, M.Sc.

Manos Rompogiannakis

research associate

Konstantina Pityanou

research associate, M.Sc.

Panagiotis Antivasis

research associate

PhD Candidates

Yannis Nikoloudakis

PhD Candidate

MSc Students

Evangelos-Polynikis Nikas

MSc Student

Stamatis Kostopoulos

MSc Student

Eleftheria Sfinarolaki

MSc Student

Yannis Kazantzakis

MSc Student

Undergraduates Students

Charis Papatsarouchas


Marios Sfendourakis


Dimitrios Sigletos


Ilias Papachristofilou


Andreas Damanakis


Erasmus Students

Enzo Leone

Tristan Gabriel

Administration and Financial Associates

Athena Bourdena

Post Doctoral


Anargyros Sideris

photo, frames, unknown

George Alexiou

Nathan Guillomeau

Nikolaos Zotos

Steven Yin

Dimitrios Kapouranis

George Mastorakis

Nikolaos Astyrakakis

Petros Anapliotis

Thomas Moniatte

Emmanouil Toutoudakis

Kalliopi Meladaki

Nikos Papachatzakis

Stylianos Klados

Vasilis Zontanos

Previous Principal Investigators

Evangelos Pallis

photo, frames, unknown

Vasilis Zacharopoulos