Up to 10 Gbp/s Internet Connection

Latest upgrade of Pasiphae’s Lab infrastructure is the transition to Fiber Internet with speed up to 10Gbp/s

SDN Switches

The network architecture of the Pasiphae Lab includes SDN switches with Small Form-factor Plugable (SFP) ports up to 10 Gb/s to support fiber connection of the server cluster and achieve high-speed data transport.

Server & Storage

Servers Cluster

The server cluster of the  Pasiphae Lab consists of 8 servers with a total computational unit power of 140 cores, 680 GB of RAM, and approximately 41 TB of disk storage.

Management & Orchestration

The management and orchestration of the Pasiphae’s Lab services is accomplished by High Availability Kubernetes Clusters and Virtualization technologies. More than 100 services run in separated environments for production, development and testing

Network Communication Research

Radio Communication

Pasiphae Lab provide research on the radio communication. The laboratory is equipped with radio communication technologies such us LoRa, Software Defined Radio (SDR), Rasberry, Pycom etc., which are used in the development of research Lab projects. Students have also the opportunity to develop, deploy and test network communication systems as part of their internship or diploma thesis.


Pasiphae runs and maintains the first digital interactive TV infrastructure

As a result of its past and current activities, PASIPHAE laboratory runs and maintains the first digital interactive TV infrastructure in Greece exploiting broadcasting streams in regenerative configurations, and the first European DVB-T infrastructure utilising it as part of an IP backbone for interconnecting terrestrial distribution nodes, which enable access to interactive services from rural and dispersed areas. This infrastructure is complemented and supplemented by a prototype, fully operational, cloud-based platform capable to support – among the others – Software Defined Networking (SDN) and experimentation on Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV).

A modern telecommunication systems laboratory

Pasiphae is a modern telecommunication systems laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software tools, up-to-date experimentation devices, in-house equipment and outdoor portable and mobile units capable to support not only the Informatics Engineering department educational and training objectives, but also and most predominant to pave the way towards high level research, support development efforts and gear-up rich activity in prototyping Information and communications technology (ICT) fields solutions.