Towards an optimized security approach to IoT devices with confidential healthcare data exchange

Abstract: Reliable data exchange and efficient image transfer are currently significant research challenges in health care systems. To incentivize data exchange within the Internet of Things (IoT) framework, we need to ensure data sovereignty by facilitating secure data exchange between trusted parties. The security and reliability of data-sharing infrastructure require a community of trust. Therefore, this paper introduces an encryption frame based on data fragmentation. It also presents a novel, deterministic grey-scale optical encryption scheme based on fundamental mathematics. The objective is to use encryption as the underlying measure to make the data unintelligible while exploiting fragmentation to break down sensitive relationships between attributes. Thus, sensitive data distributed in separate data repositories for decryption and reconstruction using interpolation by knowing polynomial coefficients and personal values from the DBMS Database Management System. Aims also to ensure the secure acquisition of diagnostic images, micrography, and all types of medical imagery based on probabilistic approaches. Visual sharing of confidential medical imageries based on implementing a novel method, where transparencies ≤k − 1 out of n cannot reveal the original image.

Published online: 26 March 2021