Pasiphae Lab participates in the EU-funded project SHAPES

What is the SHAPES project?

SHAPES aims to create the first European open Ecosystem enabling the large-scale deployment of a broad range of digital solutions for supporting and extending healthy and independent living for older individuals who are facing permanently or temporarily reduced functionality and capabilities. SHAPES builds an interoperable Platform integrating smart digital solutions to collect and analyse older individuals’ health, environmental and lifestyle information, identify their needs and provide personalized solutions that uphold the individuals’ data protection and trust. Standardization, interoperability and scalability of SHAPES Platform sustain increased efficiency gains in health and care delivery across Europe, bringing improved quality of life to older individuals, their families, caregivers and care service providers. 

SHAPES Large-scale Piloting campaign engages +2k older individuals in 15 pilot sites in 10 EU Member States, including 6 EIP on AHA Reference Sites, and involves hundreds of key stakeholders to bring forth solutions to improve the health, well-being, independence and autonomy of older individuals, while enhancing the long-term sustainability of health and care systems in Europe. SHAPES’s multidisciplinary approach to large-scale piloting is reflected across 7 themes that, together, provide a clear understanding of the reality of European health and care systems and enable the validation of cost-efficient, interoperable and reliable innovations capable of effectively supporting healthy and independent living of older individuals within and outside the home. Building an ecosystem attractive to European industry and policy-makers, SHAPES develops value-based business models to open and scale up the market for AHA-focused digital solutions and provides key recommendations for the far-reaching deployment of innovative digital health and care solutions and services supporting and extending healthy and independent living of older population in Europe.